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Why participate in exhibitions?

Why to Participate?

The performed analysis shows that participation in exhibitions comprises a relatively small part of advertising costs. Exhibition participation ensures a 3-4 day continuous flow of interested customers. Since the invitation of visitors to exhibitions involves the implementation of exhibition marketing, target visitors – potential customers form a major part of exhibition participants. Therefore, it can be said that money spent on the advertising industry is used very effectively. For a cost lower than a price for a single newspaper ad you can get between 10 000 and 60 000 interested rather than random visitors by participating in an exhibition! Don’t miss this opportunity, as your rivals are always on alert!

This large number of potential customers, which is directed towards a single place – an exhibition, provides your managers with great opportunities to “process” an exhibition visitor, to point to advantages of their goods, and to encourage him/her to give a purchase preference to their goods rather than to those supplied by their competitors at the time of direct contact. When the customer uses other advertising tools to receive information, he/she may fail to notice various nuances, therefore, an exhibition presents a great opportunity to shape the customer’s opinion or to change the formed market stereotype. The customer approaches you, hence, grab the excellent opportunity and lure him/her. Then it is a matter of your manager’s abilities to work with customers.

Specialized exhibitions are very convenient for participants as well as for exhibition visitors. In one place and at one time customers can familiarize themselves with offers of other companies operating in the market, compare proposed goods or services and receive thorough information. If your company cannot be found among exhibition participants, it is probable that the customer will choose another company due to the absence of comprehensive information about your activities.

Additional advantage of exhibitions is that exhibition participants can simultaneously meet their rivals, assess their market position, become familiar with the progress of their competitors and examine and analyze the market.

Exhibition participation helps to create and enhance an image in terms of quality, credibility, service, competition and innovation. This contributes to the formation of a positive opinion about the company and its activities.

Exhibition conferences and seminars attract a large number of professionals and specialists. Communication in the academic environment means clearly presenting services and advantages and identifying customer needs.

An exhibition is the most effective way to introduce a new product to the market. There is no other place where the customer would be able to see a new product with his/her own eyes and at the same time to find out the smallest details about a brand new item. This is especially topical when you know how Lithuanians are hesitant about accepting innovations.

Search for partners, representatives and collaboration. As an exhibition is attended by a large number of participants belonging to the same market branch, this creates a great opportunity for pursuit of partners and representatives. An exhibition allows you to become acquainted with your future partner, to form your opinion about him/her and to see how he/she communicates with customers. Meanwhile your partner has a chance to familiarize himself/herself with your company.

Image creation. An exhibition introduces and promotes both a trade mark and a company logo. Company’s active involvement in exhibitions shows its desire to cooperate with both new and current customers and increases confidence in the company.

In order to ensure successful activities, it is necessary not only to find new customers but also to retain the current ones. Your presence at an exhibition reminds current customers of you and shows that you are in the middle of the action. Constant maintenance of sales through the display of sample goods and services increases consumer confidence and current customer satisfaction.

Various informal meetings arranged during additional exhibition events (seminars, parties, presentations) promote cooperation and collaboration.

An exhibition presents a great opportunity to meet media representatives, to present information and to become familiar with company activities, products or topical news.

Market activation. With the help of promotional campaigns and offers an exhibition sets the entire market in motion.

Direct contact with customers. Customer feedback promotes the introduction of innovations, the emergence of desired products and the need for service quality improvement.

There are international and national exhibitions. International exhibitions introduce market innovations and contribute to trademark image creation, whereas, national exhibitions present opportunities for direct communication with end users in addition to the aforementioned goals. This makes it possible to promote sales, present innovations, analyze the current situation and know the customer’s opinion. National exhibitions allow you to reach consumers not only from large cities but also from nearby districts.

Investments in the future. Information obtained during the exhibition has enduring value. Exhibition catalogues and impressions after direct contact stay longer in your memory than advertisements found in the press or other types of media.


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