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2019 year exhibitions

2019-03-01 - 2019-03-03
Žalgiris Arena, Kaunas, Lithuania
Exhibition on medicine, healthy lifestyle and health maintenance

The 11th exhibition of wellness, healthy living and medicine WELLNESS DAYS - an exhibition introducing the innovations in health promotion, medical treatment, rehabilitation and natural medicine.

The exhibition featured:

  products and providers of services for health and healthy living;
  manufacturers and their representatives of preparations for medical treatment and health enhancement;
  health care, treatment and rehabilitation institutions and clinics, and private medical practice;
  topical seminars about orthopaedics, how diet and lifestyle influence health and how to restore physical and emotional health;
  a conference organized by the Association for Support of Oncological Patients;
  specialist advice and consultation;
  and health tests free of charge.

WELLNESS DAYS - a place to discover new ways of health promotion, familiarise with services provided by medical institutions, sanatoriums, consult specialists and plan your healthy living program.

The main themes of the exhibition included:

  Medical treatment, health promotion, rehabilitation and nursing services;
  Medicines and food supplements;
  Medical equipment and devices;
  Medical clothing and footwear;
  Nursing and disability equipment;
  Orthopaedics and orthopaedic devices;
  Vision and hearing correction;
  Odontology, Dental care;
  Beauty services and products, and plastic surgery;
  Curative, natural and organic cosmetics;
  Personal hygiene;
  Sexual health;
  Alternative and complementary medicine: medicinal herb-based treatment, apitherapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy, light therapy, kinesitherapy, massages, bioenergetics, magnetotherapy and etc.
  Healthy nutrition;
  Innovative ecological solutions for home environments;
  Health promotion communities;
  Health and life insurance;
  Health education.


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The organizer of the exhibition:
UAB „Ekspozicijų centras“
ph. + 370 37 796901


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