Conference for women „Formula: happy in business“

Exhibition: WOMAN’S WORLD 2019

Date: 2019 November 14

Time: 12:00 - 17:00

Venue: Žalgirio arena, amfitheatre

In this year’s conference a look at ourselves – from a different angle:
  • What leadership concept can be beneficial and useful to women?
  • What strengths can women take advantage of in negotiations?
  • Why shareholders hire female directors?
  • What is women’s point of view towards legal aspects, financial risks?
  • How to create a personal entrepreneurial image of a woman?
  • How to maintain optimal health in the age of hurry?
  • How does status affect body language, and body language the status? How does it influence communication?

Moderator: Livija Gradauskienė

More information: Daiva Vyšniauskienė,, 8 687 36240.