„Kas „kuria“ profesionalų interjero dizainerį?“


Seminar for designers: “What makes a professional interior designer?”

Exhibition: INSIDE 2024

Date: 2024 April 5

Time: 1 PM - 2:30 PM

Venue: BLANK PAGE seminar area


As interior designers, we design for clients and are often responsible for their most important spaces. But do we wonder how we "build" ourselves for this important mission?
Interior design has become a highly sought-after profession in a very short time - every interior designer has many expectations, ambitions and goals. But are they always justified? Are goals always accompanied by actions? What does it take to become a true professional in this field? What does it take to work with your dream client? What does the path from craftsman to professional look like? On this journey, how do you create a thriving self that helps others thrive?
During the seminar, we will not invite you to delve into current professional issues, but rather, we will basically examine what aspects help an interior designer to grow and develop, and on the contrary, what stops them. If your goal is not to be one of many, but to become a professional in the field, come, we promise that there will be something to think about.
The event will be held in Lithuanian only.