Pranešimas – PRIVATUS VILNIUS. Interjerų gyvenimai. Prof. Eugenijus Skerstonas


PRIVATE VILNIUS. Interior lives. Professor Eugenijus Skerstonas

Exhibition: INSIDE 2024

Date: 2024 April 5

Time: 3 PM - 4 PM

Venue: Event area

Professor Eugenijus Skerstonas has been interested in the decoration and interiors of the private houses of Vilnius residents for many years. The author's observations of more than ten years were compiled into the three-volume trilingual (Lithuanian, English and Polish) publication "Privatus Vilnius. Interior Lives". This is the tenth prof. Eugenijus Skerston's publication. Augis Narmont's wonderful photos capture the past and present residential houses of the people of Vilnius. By inviting you to open the doors of former and existing private houses, with the help of interior images, the author aims to reveal the capital's residents' ability to create an intimate, rarely seen environment in their own way, where the histories of families and Vilnius - the city of Gediminas - intertwine, their lifestyle culture and the European cultural identities of many generations of home owners. creative drawing and artistic imagination.
We invite architects, interior specialists and everyone interested in interiors and home decoration.
Professor Eugenijus Skerstonas is the author of ten publications devoted to lifestyle culture, a teacher, a sought-after lecturer of public lectures, author, co-author and host of radio shows.
Volatile imagination, creative author's interests cover various areas of lifestyle and culture. The foundation of his philosophy of life is the adoration of an aestheticized environment, self-creation and self-expression.
In May 2018, Eugenijus Skerstonas was awarded the Knight Order of Art and Literature by the French Ministry of Culture.